Web Only Library Card

Adams County Library now offers a Web Access Only Library Card.

What is it? 

This is a card that allows patrons to use the online resources that Adams County Library has available.

What can I use it for? 

A valid card will give you access to:

  • OverdriveThousands of digital audio books and eBooks for use with computers, MP3 players, and eBook readers.
  • Transparent Language - Learn a language on your phone, computer, or any other digital device.
  • Ancestry - Ancestry provides genealogy information, including census data, passenger lists, and more. This database is only available on devices that are using the library's internet connection.
  • Auto Repair Source - Service and repair information for thousands of domestic and imported vehicles.
  • Newspapers.com Library Edition - Historical newspapers archive from the 1700s - 2000s containing regional, state, and small local newspapers in the United States and other countries.
  • Learning Express Library - Web-based test preparation tools and skill-building materials.

           .... and many other resources. Check this link for details.

How can I get one? 

Two ways -

  • Call the library and request one over the phone, 608-339-4250. 

    • The Library staff will ask you for the information we need, and check for any previous cards you may have had. 

    • The login information will be provided to you over the phone in many cases.  If we cannot approve it quickly, we will try to clear up any problems and then get back to you with the card information.

  • Send an email to ACLibraryWisc [at] gmail.com (ACLibraryWisc[at]gmail[dot]com)  ACLibraryWisc [at] gmail.com (ACLibraryWisc[at]gmail[dot]com)  Include this information in the email:

    • Last name, first name
    • Street address
    • City, state, zipcode
    • Birthdate - Day, month, year
    • Email address
    • Phone number

All information is required.  Let us know if there is anything that is not available (for example, if you don't have an email address, or you have a temporary address).  Once we check your contact information, we will email or call you with your new barcode and pin number.  In most cases, your access will begin within 24 hours after we enter the card in our catalog.

What library services are not available with this card? 

  • It's temporary.  This card will only be valid for 90 days after you sign up.  Renewals may be possible, but we hope patrons will come to the library with a photo ID and pick up a regular library card.
  • It won't let you check anything out of the library when the library is open to the public.