The Chocolate Affair

We're preparing for the Feb. 2, 2019, Chocolate Affair!  We're looking for anyone interested in selling crafts, jewelry, or food.  We're also setting up our raffle prizes!  Please contact us if you have anything to offer.

The Chocolate Affair and other fund raisers

Our annual fundraiser is the "Chocolate Affair," a craft and candy sale, held the first Saturday in February at the Middle School in Adams. The Friends sponsor a raffle with wonderful prizes—tickets are for sale in advance. There are many vendors at the event, selling everything from jewelry to books to candy and other tasty treats. Lunch is available, prepared and served by the Friends of the Library. If you would like to have a booth at the Chocolate Affair, please contact Margo Beaver--339-7262. A message given to the library staff will also reach us. The Friends also collect register tapes from the Adams Friendship County Market (IGA). If you have register tapes from the AFCM, please put them in the jar on the library desk. We'd appreciate it!  All proceeds from the tapes are used to support the Jeanne Heideman scholarship fund.