Adams County Library adult services


We provide a range of services, activities, and materials for adults and children in Adams County, both inside and outside the library.

Resources inside our building

We have more than 32,000 books--including more than 1,500 in large print--and 73 magazines and newspapers.  We have 10,000 DVD and Blu-ray films, over 1000 audio books, 1100 music CDs, and 200 video games.  
Not enough?  Our membership in the South Central Library System gives us borrowing privileges from the other 52 system libraries, a collection of well over 700,000 books, 84,000 DVDs, 68,000 audio books, 56,000 music CDs, and 2,800 video games.  Items are delivered to library cardholders as quickly as they become available, and at no charge.
If that is still not enough, we will search for a specific item to borrow from libraries across the U.S.  We cannot obtain everything, but we are always happy to try. 

Resources outside our building

Much information and entertainment is available online, and Adams County Library can help you access these items at no charge.  The Library provides free Wi-Fi the building.  There is also an outdoor router that provides Wi-Fi access on the south side of the building and covers much of Bert Morris park.  For patrons without home internet, we have Wi-Fi hot-spots available for week-long checkouts that will give internet access. 
A library card is all that is needed to use 120,000 digital books and magazines through Wisconsin's Digital Library.  For more information, click on this link.
We also subscribe to digital resources that can help you research topics such as genealogy, current events information, car repair manuals, and many other topics.  There is even a program that will teach you a new language. 


Adams County Library hosts or sponsors many activities throughout the year.  These include educational talks, book signings, and regular films at the Adams Community Theatre.  There is also a monthly coloring club.  To find out what is scheduled, keep an eye on our Facebook page, our home webpage, or read our weekly articles in the Adams Friendship Times Reporter.  You can also sign up for our calendar to be sent to your email address.  
Adams County Library provides many things to read and do for our patrons.  Use is free--all you need is a current library card.  Don't have one?  We'll help you get one. 



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