Online Services available to Adams County Library patrons

ACL offers access to many online resources that can help you find information you need. 

ACL provides these databases for our patrons

  • Ancestry -- The Library version of Ancestry allows you to search for family records throughout their large digital collections.  Includes access to their downloadable genealogy forms, message boards, and their research aids.
  • Creativebug -- New as of October 2022!  Creativebug allows you to create your own list of videos to screen and enable alerts about new classes.  Look for crafts and do-it-yourself help with such things as sewing hacks, quilting tips, learn to knit and crochet, jewelry making, caring for house plants, or creating your own perfume.  There are even classes designed just for kids. 
  • Transparent Language -- This entirely mobile digital language app can help you learn or review over 110 languages, including American Sign Language and a variety of languages from Native American cultures.  There are even options for helping foreign language speakers learn English.


Badgerlink purchases these databaess for all Wisconsin library users.  Check out