Library Board and Governance


The Adams County Library is governed by a seven-member Library Board that is appointed by the Adams County Board. The Library Board meets on the fourth Monday of each month at 1 pm in the Bobert Meeting Room in the Adams County Community Center. Meetings are open to the public. Meeting agendas are posted on the County’s website, and on bulletin boards in the Library. Upon request, a copy of the current Board packet will be emailed to any interested person.

Board Members 2016 - 2017

  • Marge Edwards
  • Tyler Grosshuesch
  • Mary Nelson
  • Danna Peterson
  • Robin Skala
  • Robert Theim
  • Pat Townsend


Next meeting will be Monday, July 24, 2017. The meeting agenda is available at this link:  May 22, 2017 meeting

Previous meetings